As part of our Transformation Mindset ™️, we want to talk about the transformation of the work place. We can lead a horse to water but we can not force it to drink

Every employee is told to take care of our clients but companies are not taking care of their employees; companies said they do but true of the matter is that they do not.

If we doubt prior statement then let’s remember the day that your employer ask you about your performance “I have seen your productivity has slowed down”; what is happening? I am worry about you, how can I help you?” instead you might have received some criticism or a performance plan or ultimatum.

Or when financials in the company are not working as budgeted (someone’s desire  without a specific plan) then The first and quick fix is to lay employees off thinking that it is a manpower problem without realizing that it will become in a heart problem for those that who stays behind because those employees learned that company will not take care of them.

It is true, it is a leadership problem, leaders do not create the proper environment where everyone feels saved, appreciated by their daily efforts also leaders with lack of empathy that they might be good manager but not good leaders.

During my corporate experience I have learned that there are many toxic workplace cultures where leaders opted to lead the statics or performance based on numbers vs leading people. A team is not a group of people who work together;  A team is a group of people who trust each other.

As leaders if we focus on circles  of safety within our teams; they will feel confident and not only they will work happily together but also they will support each other specially in time of need like happen in the Army where we see those HEROS risking their lives in order to save a fellow soldier just because they know for sure that anyone will do the same for them if there were in trouble.

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