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As part of our Transformation Mindset ™️, we want to talk about Comfort Zone

We know anxiety comes from a fear to the unknown and we tent to imagine the worst case scenario when we try anything new and basically what we do is to set ourselves for a failure

    Ways to Overcome fear and break through your comfort zone (few tips)

  • Read, read, read or Audio books information/knowledge and applied knowledge is power
  • Switch up your routine; specially those things that do not bring any value
  • Give up control, delegate is good choice
  • Try something new until you feel comfortable
  • Start conversations with strangers that have done something that you are trying to  accomplish

After a fear is overcome and knowledge is gathered we need to create a plan (including goals and standard to be met) and hold ourselves accountable, use the support from (friend, family, accountability partner or coach) announce what your plan is

Baby steps are ok; as we know a journey always starts with a single step toward our destination; it may be a bumpy road sometimes but you can change/adjust the route but remain on the same destination.

Keep challenging your comfort zone and raise your standards all the time, we can not settle for mediocrity; it is always something better stored for us waiting to be claimed.

Destination is more important that the route, Stay Hungry, Enjoy the journey.

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