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As part of our Transformation Mindset ™️, we want to go over Staying Focus, how can we achieve that?  Stay Focused – Simple Steps and System

Organize your workspace,  anywhere you are working, having a clean space will help you not only to focus but also to get your work done. Remove anything that can distract you from your work. By the way, if you do not need your phone to do your work, put it away for a few hours. (phone is the biggest distraction)

Have A Plan. Making a road map the day before with that 20% of items that will produce 80% of the results you need.

Prioritize most important, hardest and creative tasks first. it is like your energy,  like will power your focus is the highest in the morning.

Give yourself a time limit for each task.

Make time for short breaks during the day.

Train your mind like a muscle, we have been trying to be unfocus as acceptation multiple distraction specially during these present times but we need to retrain and repeat same structure to be able to see results and become more productive and effective.



Distractions are the poison to productivity in life, reduce or eliminate distractions like phone ringing or vibrating, people talking, noice or simple shiny objects that divert our attention from a task we are performing. Science said that it can take you up to 21 minutes to regain focus. Wow, it means that if you lose focus during 8 hours work day three times them you are losing 2 hours getting refocused.

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