There is a great book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by S. Covey. Covey claims that effectiveness does not suffice in what he calls “The Knowledge Worker Age”. check it out, I do recommend it.

Let’s pick the habits of my preference: (By the way they are very difficult to apply) but you get used to:

Be Proactive: Action, action… Focus on the things you can actually do something about it “called” circle of influence. I truly believe anticipation is monumental

Start with the End in Mind:  Begin everything you do with a clear picture of your ultimate goal. If you start putting brick on top of each other with out knowing what do you want to build; your family might put you away in  a save place.

Think Win‐Win: Stick with your true feelings, values, besides it is a fair plain-field; it is part of our slogan. Better Together    Win Together™️

Seek First to Understand: Then to Be Understood, communicate clearly and listen to others hard thing to do but it is key to maintain the harmony.

Synergize “Two heads are better than one. it is part of our slogan, too. Better Together    Win Together™️ Through mutual trust and understanding, we can solve conflicts and find a better solutions

Sharpen the Saw:  In order to grow and maintaining a good balance in areas of your life,  spend or invest rather  in yourself; learning and developing more skills.

Adopt the habits to make permanent changes in your organization, reach out to us and we will help you to get there and easy the pressure and feel  happy, fulfilled like a champion winning all the time 


Transformation Mindset

Reprogram your mind ∑ Design your future life

Better Together    Win Together™️ 

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