We just need a little EXTRA to be Extraordinary. We see them everyday but we do not acknowledge them even though they are next to you, we wake up with them or living with them or working under the same roof or we have them in our digital agenda. Yes it is correct, we take them for granted because they are there and we guess they will be there forever or better yet we think they do not bring any value; what am I saying here?  Basically, I am saying that EVERYONE, did I say everyone? has an  incredible value to others.

Everyday Heroes are every single person in our life, if we stop for a second and seek for the good in them and discover the amazing contribution they do or can do to us or anyone else around them. Are they perfect? They do not need to be perfect, Do they have weaknesses? Sure, they do but highlight the Good things and work on those amazing gifts they naturally owned or have mastered overtime and empower them to do it massively and become the hero  that others are waiting for. A Hero relationship means to come together, make each other better, support each other, build each other, believe each other, not only at a personal level but also a company level.

Ordinary people could be trained to do heroic things; putting this simple idea to practice it should be our mission in life “To teach, empower” individuals to stand up, speak out and act courageously, challenging the status quo even the simple things in lives with the intention to make them better and serve others, we do know that our intelligence, talents give us ability to overcome challenges also if we improve our skills with dedication and hard work then we will be better suit to transfer knowledge to others that are in a challenging situation or want to be get to the next level.


Turning students into mentors and keeping the cycle of everyday heroes and not leaving anyone out of support or guidance; leaning heroism is not more than mindset lessons about outdoing yourself each day. Everyone is a hero for someone  and potential hero for others by engaging, reaching out and promoting the social good. 

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