81. TM™️ |WIN – WIN | Better Together  ∑  Win Together™️ #1 TOP 10 JM Rules

 WIN – WIN | Better Together    Win Together™️ #1 TOP 10 JM Rules

Better Together    Win Together™️ , Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

WIN – WIN advice is to help ensure both sides are satisfied by using win-win negotiation strategies.

Partnerships are important components of any business model, a key partnership is a symbiotic relationship in business which each partner provides and extracts value to the other partner.

As on a personal and/or business plain-field it is important to achieve a win-win outcome; How do we get there? few suggestions

  1. Fact finding:  Will give you more information about the subject in question then you will be able to get close enough  to other party’s expectations and not only meet your needs but also someone else’s
  2. Creative: Having choices available to bring to the table and be able to start building “give and take” process might lead to a full agreement.
  3. Commitment: Even though the matter in question is a little unrealistic and in light of avoiding uncertainty on both sides we should agree to disagree and come out with a contingent items “IF” something won’t go as expected. Matching rights and obligations make a solid ground to an agreement .

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Better Together    Win Together™️ 

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