86. TM™️ | MAKE AN IMPACT | #5 TOP 10 JM Rules


There are many ways like creating a product that solving a people’s problems or even a smaller gesture that can make the world a better place.

We know about Mother Teresa and some others in those lines that have made a mark on humanity but we can do the something similar or at least attempt to and there are some many ways we can put that in practice:

Giving back: First it creates a ripple effect that goes beyond those we help also set us apart on the abundance mindset as the the secret of living is giving.

Mentoring: It creates a long lasting legacy when you impact positively someone’s life.

Volunteer: You can make an impact choosing who, how, when, what you would like to do.

Today everything we want in many cases we can have it instantaneously. Everything we want is  instant gratification but except job satisfaction; it takes some time or it is the most difficult to achieve. Making an impact in that area where people feel secure and appreciated in the market place where they go home confident that they will be welcome the very next day and also people can have long term plans ; how about that? I am talking to the leaders of the companies that they risk their people i a split second

We can make the work place a better plain-field a place of innovation, meaningful relationships. grow etc. rather than a toxic environment



Transformation Mindset

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