87. TM™️ | TRUST THE PROCESS | #7 TOP 10 JM Rules


I love this slogan as since it became known by NBA fans, it  basically means that even though things looks bad  now but we have a plan to make it better.

Enjoying the process is part of start winning the game; any bad situation or transition shall pass as night leads to the day all the time.

Many times we doubt  ourselves or people doubt you; bottom line we need to auto sabotage  and enjoy the process which it is a big part related to faith and basically what we need to do is showing up, even if you do not feel like it (do it anyway) and repeat  until you have a break-thought.

The trick is to choose your road (blueprint) and be aware that there can be many stops on that road but as long there is away then resilience is needed to achieve your ultimate goals.

It is equally important to know that you have a high value a no one can define you or label you as unable in any area. You are a miracle and a hero with specific talent well able to succeed of course we are talking that you have to have a blueprint and correct execution strategy in order to achieve your goals.

As know grapes must be crunched to make wine or diamonds are formed under pressure, seeds grow in darkness therefore if you feel crunched or pressured or in darkness is because you are in a powerful place and transformation process is coming rapidly.



Transformation Mindset

Reprogram your mind ∑ Design your future life

Better Together    Win Together™️

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