88. TM™️ | DO NOT GIVE UP | #8 TOP 10 JM Rules

DO NOT GIVE UP | #8 TOP 10 JM Rules

How to make luck? Probably this is the best way to do that. Have you heard? a comment about anyone that has succeeded in his/her field and people do not give the credit to his/her efforts but rather people like to say it was a lucky break or else  but what they do not want to  acknowledge is that he/she has not given up and  has been persistence in his/her goals and has pushed forward despite the fact there has been difficult moments.

I know about this first hand;  of course that there are moments of doubt, fear, lack of self confidence and self belief when we hit a challenging season. I know that giving up is not an option even when you have lost everything. Difficult times make it more exiting.  It is important to acknowledge that there are good reasons to give up and including your closest people that  remove the trust factor based on present results because they are unable to see what you see far down on the road.

We have been lead to believe that struggle is something we need to be ashamed of  or is a negative representation of your character I am here to tell you IT IS NOT.  I say so because wise mentors of mine have taught me that. 

A failure is not a failure if you learn the lesson and keep moving forward, the pain that you experience can not be compare to the joy of fulfillment that is coming your way.  Believe !

TIPS of mistakes I made that you should not

    • Do not do it alone
    • Capital  is important to take you to the end
    • Adjust quickly
    • Fail fast and change the approach if something is not working keeping the vision



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