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As we shared once in our BLOG about Outdo: To do something well and better, to distinguish yourself: true of the matter is that we do not need to compete with everyone rather as a growth mindset we need to outdo ourselves each day.

We need to be careful enough as there are positive and negative effects when we try to outdo ourselves. Clearly it is good to become better than yesterday by all means (more knowledge, better human being, better skill set, etc) but if we take this to the extreme this can become harmful as it can destroy the the inspiration because if we do not see a mayor progress each day and we need to remember that progress and even small progress is what it matters, as long we do not lower our standards then being consistent is a good daily goal.  We know that a masterpiece is not improved  on a regular basis and artist have that issue; he/she may do another piece of art but that one that took them to the hall of fame it would be always the one an other may be excellent but to that level.  So the key is to work on those areas where there is an opportunity and we are not nowhere near to a 100% performance.

We are perfect and perfectly created but we are not done yet; we are created to change, to improve, to be  better all the time and we have the opportunity each day.

We do not need to compare with others or compete with others but what we need to do is compete with ourselves and outdo your past constantly from simple things to more complex areas of our life. ( smile more, read more, help others more, be kind more often, be grateful more often, work on 10X goals, work on difficult things )



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