90. TM™️ | FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE | #10 TOP 10 JM Rules


It seems, it is easier to say it than actually do it, it sounds about right, doesn’t it? People dealing with changes in life this can be all the difference in their life. here few points that will help to change your negative or angry thoughts into a happier more positive mindset.

Use positive words when you are talking; remember that what we say most of the time it is is what it is in our heart. Put in your vocabulary words that means success, abundance, power and follow that with series of positive affirmations

Get rid of thought that are not positive; what you mind focus most likely becomes really. Believe you will succeed, give your self credit for little an important things

Be aware that things could be worst of what they are  and think about any difficulty as an opportunity for you to shine and focus on the solution.

Despite the fact of the event always express constructive  feedback

Visualize a successful outcome what that said it is important to surround yourself with positive environment like pictures,  objects everything that reflects success

Make peace with yourself, if you made a mistake learn from it and move forward do not get stuck on it driving around and stop being your worst critic also avoid people that put you down and let go the past. (rear mirror is always small and windshield is way bigger)

Look at the big picture, think big plan for 10X goals and start all over if you have to do it

Find someone that you can trust with your most deeply feelings and emotions

Always say hello with a smile and Always say thank you as there are many thing to be grateful for and also remind your self about all the blessings you have  including the divine connections

Avoid blaming others

Read, Meditate, Exercise, Celebrate small progress; combination of activities will set proper mindset.


Transformation Mindset

Reprogram your mind ∑ Design your future life

Better Together    Win Together™️

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